Day 21

by Kohleun

Many of my friends have gotten on the grateful Facebook status update bandwagon in which they post something for which they are thankful each day on November. I have long-term-committment issues, so I have been wary of joining the movement. That is also why you should not expect me to continue the trend through the month. But, as I sit on the northbound train for a long weekend of food and games with my brother, I’ll bite. Here are 21 things I’m grateful for in no particular order.

1. My smartphone, which is enabling this post
2. My family (trite, I know, but nonetheless true)
3. Friends who support me when life is good and when life is shitty
4. A sharp mind
5. Having much to laugh about
6. The fact that my mom takes fifteen minutes to get off the phone after she says she “really has to go now. Bye, honey.”
7. Charles Dickens, because without him I wouldn’t know what to get my dad for Christmas.
8. Surprising twists in my life-plot.
9. Ruthi
10. Nico
11. Amy
12. Stasia
13. Stephen-I-am-the-one-percent-Pollock
14. My housemates
15. Books
16. Coffee
17. Peace-loving people
18. Food. Always.
19. The ability to work
20. People who hug & kiss me
21. Wool