You know you’re over-educated and poor when . . .

by Kohleun

1. You alternate between paying off your credit card bill and paying off your student loans each month.

2. You take a sudden liking to bastardized Mexican food, because you can make bean and veggie quesadillas for mere pennies (and Tapatio makes everything better anyway).

3. You know all about the health benefits of eating organic eggs and dairy vs. their conventional counterparts. Therefore, you are vegan for the last week of every month.

4. You and/or your housemates use department store credit cards at the gas station.

5. Tuesday becomes your date night, because Regal Cinemas offers $5 Tuesdays.

6. The local thrift and consignment shop owners know both your dress size and your teaching schedule.

7. You don’t own any music purchased in the past six months, just several overly developed Pandora stations.

8. You also own a grand total of six DVDs (all purchased in the hay days of your youth), but have several crowded shelves of books (especially those over-educated in literature).

9. You go clothes shopping (at the thrift store) as soon as you find out you will be teaching adult degree completion courses, not to look older–that’s a losing battle–but to look like you can play ball with the 401K crowd.

10. You go to bars not because you like to party but because if you look cute some lonely guy will pay for your nachos while he tells you about the great grades he got in community college before dropping out (to pursue a career that makes more money than yours will ever make).

To be continued. . . Because I know I’m not alone.